Pool Electrical Requirements

When you are considering an electrical contractor for your pool consider this...
Kariden takes the hassle out of having your pool wired.

Kariden electricians follow National Electric Code Article 680 "Swimming Pools
and Similar Installations" and many other applicable local codes and ordinances.  
Below are some of the most important considerations.

   Bonding: All pool equipment, steel pool panels and fittings, and any cables
and conduits within 5' horizontally of the inside wall of the pool and 12' above
maximum water level must be bonded together with #8 solid copper wire.

   Grounding: All pool equipment, including equipment within 5' of pool inside
wall, junction boxes, transformer enclosures, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
(GFCI) and panel boards must be grounded. The grounding conductor must
be an insulated copper conductor not smaller than #12 solid copper.

   Proximity of Equipment: All wall switches, power receptacles and other
electrical devices including electric wires and power lines must be at least 5'
from the inside wall of a spa and at least 10' from the inside wall of a pool.
Lighting fixtures, lighting outlets and ceiling fans located over the body of water
within 5' of the inside wall must be protected by a GFCI. They must be a minimum
of 7'6" above maximum water level if the body of water is classified as a spa and
12' above maximum water level if the body of water is classified as a pool. See
the National Electric Code for details.

   Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI): All  associated pool equipment must
be protected by GFCI. These GFCI circuits must be tested monthly. All power
receptacles within 10' of a spa or 20' of a pool must have GFCI protection.